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…She has to do it nine more times to get the hang of it and it’s already 5 pm. -_-

At least Max has been less inclined to act like I’m trying to poison him whenever I feed him. He’s like a kneazle. Or is it crups that are really suspicious?

She has peed on the floor twice.

She has thrown her potty. The one she was so crazy about a couple weeks ago. Maybe she thought it was a toy.

She has screamed for her daddy (“DAAAADDDYYYY!”) whilst sitting upon said potty. She always asks for the parent that isn’t currently causing her grief.

She has brought me a diaper to put on her.

She tried to put a diaper on herself.

At least one bit of the 3 day potty training method requires her to clean up her own pee. Silver lining.

6:45 am

It’s one of those rare times that I’m up before my daughter. I figure it’s a good day for it, because I have to prepare myself mentally for what’s ahead.

We’re potty training. For reals.

Claudia had her second birthday in July. I got her a potty seat and a step stool just before her birthday. It’s not that I’m in any particular rush to get her started; I’m not CRAZY about changing diapers or anything, but I figured, at the time, that I may as well get her familiar with the whole thing. She’s been following me into the bathroom long enough to know what goes on in there.

Instagrammed proof of her open mind

(Instagrammed proof of her open mind)

She was cool with sitting on it. Would even go in the bathroom and put it on the toilet herself and sit there, albeit fully clothed and without actually depositing anything in there. But she wasn’t staunchly against it or anything. No rush. Let her test the toilet waters, so to speak.

And then, each time she peed in her diaper, she began undressing herself and removing her diaper, sometimes bringing you a fresh one to put on her. She’s doing this thing where she sort of goes into the other room and just hangs out and plays quietly (with her feet, usually), or occasionally goes down for her nap. And sometimes, she goes into another room quietly and emerges completely nude. If she was going to be so acutely aware of when she’d peed herself and how uncomfortable it is to pee yourself, I figured I’d actually give it a go and use the 3 day potty training method. It requires me to spend the first day at home (DONE!), and to have her run around bare bottomed all day. Just as well, since this appears to be her preference anyway. I’ll have a lot of annoying things to contend with today, but chief among them? Keeping Max, the 11 month old, from playing with the portable potty. They fight over who gets to play with it.

Claudia is now bare bottomed and is having her cereal. Lord beer me strength.


This is the greatest paparazzi picture of all time. Jason Segel- we love you, relate to you. We know you have a thing going with White Michelle Williams, and we wish you the best. But if you ever need a few friends to be hungover with, call us. 

WHITE MICHELLE WILLIAMS?!! rotflmao *expires*

I think some of my straight-haired friends will think this is silly. And it is, I guess, on some level. Because it’s about my hair.

I was just over at, looking at this post (I <3 you, Bloglovin.). The author of that particular post was talking about how she was having a couple bad hair days; she hated her hair in that moment, and she coveted others’ hair (even her daughter - only to find that often, other people coveted HER hair!). And it reminded me of a really ugly moment I had with myself a couple months ago.

So I was on YouTube, doing some work, which involved watching some of Andrea’sChoice. If you’ve never seen Andrea, she’s basically drop dead gorgeous. She has beautiful long flowy hair. And I had a prepubescent 12-year-old freak out moment. Why couldn’t I be as pretty as heerrrrr. I hate my hair! I think I actually said to myself, OUT LOUD, “I hate my stupid (n-word) hair.”

It was an ugly, ugly moment. No bueno at all. Can’t believe I said that.

Being black and Puerto Rican, my natural hair is very curly. But it’s only in the last couple of years I’ve even known what it looks like, because I had relaxers to straighten it since I was five. I was never able to grow the long beautiful hair that all the pretty girls had because I was nuking my hair with chemicals every 2 months, and then blasting it with heat. I believed, for a LONG time, that I was ugly. If all you’re told when you’re young is that you’re ugly because your hair is nappy, or that you’ll never have pretty hands because you have your father’s hands, or that you’ll never find a husband if you bite your nails, what else are you supposed to believe about yourself? (For the record, my husband didn’t even notice that I bite my nails until I told him. So take that, fifth grade teacher.) I’ve stopped relaxing it for about 5 years, stopped using texturizers (a mini-relaxer) about 2 years ago, but was still not in a place where I could accept my natural self.

So following that thoroughly damaging and racist ejaculation, born of years of messed-up thinking, I spent the next 2 hours washing and blow-drying my hair straight. (YES that takes me 2 whole hours. Ridiculous.) It had been a long while, about a year or so, since the last time I’d worn it straight, and I was pleased to see it longer than I’d ever seen it in a more or less healthy state (meaning not with 5 or 6 inches of fried ends). Felt good about myself. Why was it that I couldn’t feel good about myself without spending hours trying to change me?

Since then I’ve learned to properly manage my natural hair, and I haven’t pressed it out since. I have good hair days and bad hair days, but good ones for the most part. And now I LOVE the way my hair looks, and I can honestly say (not every day, mind you! ;) ) that I like the way I look. I don’t look in mirrors anymore and complain. I don’t shy away from mirrors anymore. I don’t need my hair to be straight to feel good about myself.

One interesting bit about this is my daughter.

She is 2 years old today. As you can see, she’s fairer than me, and while her hair is also curly like mine, it isn’t as curly or thick, and it’s lighter. Her eyes are lighter than mine too. She has the physical attributes that I wanted when I was young, what I associated with beauty. When I imagined having a daughter, I of course imagined her like me: dark-skinned and dark-haired with a little fro. I am so grateful that before I became her mother, I let go of (some) of those expectations of beauty. I don’t see her as light or dark until someone points it out (usually when I am mistaken for her nanny. Seriously.). I don’t associate her beauty with her skin color or hair texture, and I hope that means on I’m track to raise a daughter who loves herself as she is.

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Because the thing is, there’s a comic out there for everyone. Reducing comics to simply superhero stories is doing the medium a disservice. And that’s what comics is: a medium. There are crime comics and horror comics (Criminal and Lock & Key), sci-fi comics and adventure comics (Saga and The Sixth Gun). There are spy comics and historical non-fiction comics (Queen & Country and Green River Killer), romance comics and naval-gazing memoir comics (Scott Pilgrim and Blankets). There are even comics for your mom (don’t look at me, I don’t know what you’re mom likes). I’m starting to sound like Doctor Seuss. You get the picture.


Fire Starters.
by Michelle Simpson.


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